Relax tmpfs ram limits while building stuff
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2022-01-09 Daniel AbrechtFix some minor stuff, mostly documentation formatting.
2021-12-27 Daniel AbrechtSome small changes to make ubuntu builds work again
2021-12-26 Daniel AbrechtRefactoring. reset-repo -> update-repo, *@* -> *//...
2021-12-24 Daniel AbrechtAdd comment about unprivileged proc mounts
2021-12-23 Daniel AbrechtSome refactoring. Improved chroot jail. Package builds...
2021-12-16 Daniel AbrechtChange default release
2021-12-13 Daniel AbrechtUse distro/release instead of distro-release in repo
2021-12-12 Daniel AbrechtReorganize package repo & replace reprepro with a simpl...
2021-12-11 Daniel AbrechtImprove documentation
2021-12-11 Daniel AbrechtRemove default value for BOARD & update documentation...
2021-02-12 Daniel AbrechtUpdate things, use newer distro releases by default...
2020-11-06 Daniel AbrechtDon't build packages that are already in the repository
2020-08-16 Daniel AbrechtUpdate readme
2020-08-09 Daniel AbrechtUpdate readme
2020-06-29 Daniel AbrechtAdd disclaimer
2020-02-09 Daniel AbrechtUpdate readme
2019-10-06 Daniel AbrechtAdd a forgotten newline to fix formatting of a table...
2019-10-02 Daniel AbrechtDefault to using packages from repo instead of building...
2019-08-28 Daniel Abrechtscript/ Remove hack to simulate...
2019-07-27 Daniel AbrechtUpdate readme
2019-07-17 Daniel AbrechtUpdate readme
2019-07-16 Daniel AbrechtAdd fuse package to list of required packages.
2019-07-16 Daniel AbrechtFix a typo
2019-07-16 Daniel AbrechtUpdate readme
2019-07-12 Daniel AbrechtFix a few typos in readme
2019-07-12 Daniel AbrechtUpdate readme
2019-06-29 Daniel AbrechtUpdate required packages list
2019-06-28 Daniel AbrechtAdd a DISTRO variable.
2019-05-03 Daniel AbrechtAdd IMAGE_UBOOT_UNFLASHABLE Variable to makefile
2019-03-08 Daniel AbrechtAdd a very basic and experimental console keyboard
2019-03-02 Daniel AbrechtAdd chroot@% target to makefile
2019-02-23 Daniel AbrechtMerge branch 'next'
2019-02-20 Daniel AbrechtUpdate readme
2019-01-16 Daniel AbrechtUpdate readme
2019-01-05 Daniel AbrechtAdd enter-buildenv target
2019-01-05 Daniel AbrechtDetermine qemu-aarch64-static binary path using PATH...
2019-01-05 Daniel AbrechtTake advantage of qemu-user-binfmt if available. (this...
2019-01-04 Daniel AbrechtVarious minor improvements
2019-01-01 Daniel AbrechtMake $ escapable in rootfs_custom_files (2950), add...
2018-12-31 Daniel AbrechtAdd uuu script that just boots from emmc
2018-12-31 Daniel AbrechtUpdate readme
2018-12-30 Daniel AbrechtUpdate list of required packages & programs
2018-12-30 Daniel AbrechtUpdate readme
2018-12-26 Daniel AbrechtUpdate README
2018-12-23 Daniel AbrechtUpdate BOARD default in README and add uboot/uboot_imx8...
2018-12-21 Daniel AbrechtAdding board speciffic configs & update README
2018-12-16 Daniel AbrechtAdd board specific configs
2018-12-16 Daniel AbrechtTake care of necessary cleanups and updates after confi...
2018-12-16 Daniel AbrechtSome minor bug fixes
2018-12-16 Daniel AbrechtAdd targets to get and set userdefined overrides for...
2018-12-15 Daniel AbrechtGeneralize git repo tragets & put all repo urls in...
2018-11-18 Daniel AbrechtUpdate
2018-11-17 Daniel AbrechtAdd to more dependencies to the list
2018-11-17 Daniel AbrechtCreate