Relax tmpfs ram limits while building stuff
[dpa-image-builder.git] / platform /
2022-05-15 Daniel AbrechtSome target's don't need a BOARD to be specified, since...
2022-05-08 Daniel AbrechtSwitch from partition names to UUIDs in fstab
2022-05-06 Daniel AbrechtMake sure kernels & uboot binaries for different boards...
2022-05-04 Daniel AbrechtHandle cases where no kernel needs to be built
2022-05-03 Daniel AbrechtAdd support for Raspberry PI 3 b+
2021-12-26 Daniel AbrechtRefactoring. reset-repo -> update-repo, *@* -> *//...
2021-12-23 Daniel AbrechtSome refactoring. Improved chroot jail. Package builds...
2021-12-17 Daniel AbrechtRemove some accidentally commited binaries
2021-12-11 Daniel AbrechtImprove documentation
2021-12-10 Daniel AbrechtInitial pinephone pro support!
2021-12-09 Daniel AbrechtSome work towards pinephone pro support
2021-12-09 Daniel AbrechtPreparations to allow adding other platforms