2022-05-15 Daniel Abrechtbugfix
2022-05-15 Daniel AbrechtSome target's don't need a BOARD to be specified, since...
2022-05-14 Daniel AbrechtBugfix: Make sure buildroot apt update and building...
2022-05-14 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2022-05-13 Daniel AbrechtRemove some old code & some minor fixes
2022-05-12 Daniel AbrechtFix ubuntu builds
2022-05-12 Daniel AbrechtMake sure make --debug=n is set when building the kerne...
2022-05-12 Daniel AbrechtFix a race condition
2022-05-11 Daniel AbrechtAdd some locking for kernel builds
2022-05-11 Daniel AbrechtAdd locking to bootstrapping of chroot-build-helper...
2022-05-11 Daniel AbrechtBugfix: remove temporary overrides for chroot before...
2022-05-10 Daniel AbrechtMake sure touchscreen module is loaded in initramfs...
2022-05-10 Daniel AbrechtWorkaround for l5 devkit
2022-05-10 Daniel Abrechtfix some ubuntu builds
2022-05-08 Daniel AbrechtSwitch from partition names to UUIDs in fstab
2022-05-07 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2022-05-07 Daniel AbrechtFix some inadequate escaping in script/dparepo in the...
2022-05-07 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2022-05-06 Daniel AbrechtEnable efi support in all kernels
2022-05-06 Daniel AbrechtFix a typo
2022-05-06 Daniel AbrechtThe machine name of an rpi 3 b+ may contain it's revisi...
2022-05-06 Daniel AbrechtMake sure kernels & uboot binaries for different boards...
2022-05-05 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2022-05-04 Daniel AbrechtFix some rpi & ubuntu related things
2022-05-04 Daniel AbrechtHandle cases where no kernel needs to be built
2022-05-03 Daniel AbrechtAdd support for Raspberry PI 3 b+
2022-04-22 Daniel Abrechtbugfix
2022-04-22 Daniel AbrechtRemove last patch for ppp
2022-04-22 Daniel AbrechtApparently, some things have been subtly renamed, which...
2022-01-29 Daniel Abrechtdon't add console-keyboard-multiplexer ttys to /etc...
2022-01-29 Daniel AbrechtFor the ppp, switch to the new crossdistro kernel....
2022-01-14 Daniel AbrechtDrop modem power dts patches
2022-01-09 Daniel AbrechtFix some minor stuff, mostly documentation formatting.
2022-01-09 Daniel AbrechtFix ppp kernel build. Closes #1
2022-01-06 Daniel AbrechtVarious things
2022-01-04 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2022-01-03 Daniel AbrechtMake sure touchscreen always maps to correct output
2022-01-03 Daniel AbrechtRemove some no longer needed stuff
2022-01-02 Daniel AbrechtAdd powerkey helper script
2022-01-02 Daniel Abrechtbugfix
2022-01-02 Daniel AbrechtBiger console font (also during first time setup),...
2022-01-01 Daniel AbrechtAdd init script to power modem on / off
2022-01-01 Daniel AbrechtFix some stuff from the last refactoring
2021-12-31 Daniel AbrechtConfigure touchscreen size to be a bit smaller, so...
2021-12-31 Daniel AbrechtAdd kernel defconfig. CONFIG_USB_NET_QMI_WWAN must...
2021-12-31 Daniel AbrechtFix logic for custom menuconfig
2021-12-31 Daniel AbrechtBugfix: redo the check if a package is already in the...
2021-12-31 Daniel AbrechtBugfix: Fixed check if package is already in repos...
2021-12-29 Daniel AbrechtInstall feedbackd
2021-12-29 Daniel AbrechtPinephone Pro: enable USB persist for modem. Not sure...
2021-12-29 Daniel AbrechtRefactoring
2021-12-29 Daniel AbrechtFix logic for listing & copying files to rootfs. It...
2021-12-28 Daniel AbrechtRegenerate initramfs at the very end, to make sure...
2021-12-28 Daniel AbrechtBugfix: hide /sys/firmware in chroot. It confuses flash...
2021-12-28 Daniel Abrechtdparepo: Handle some more compression formats
2021-12-27 Daniel AbrechtSome small changes to make ubuntu builds work again
2021-12-27 Daniel AbrechtBugfix: There was a wrong check in the update-repo...
2021-12-27 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-26 Daniel AbrechtAdd some UCM files, dts patches, etc. for pine phone pro
2021-12-26 Daniel AbrechtSome small bugfixes
2021-12-26 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-26 Daniel AbrechtRefactoring. reset-repo -> update-repo, *@* -> *//...
2021-12-25 Daniel AbrechtAdd clean-bin target to chroot-build-helper to allow...
2021-12-25 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-24 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-24 Daniel AbrechtRemove some old no longer used code
2021-12-24 Daniel AbrechtTurn some dependencies into order only dependencies
2021-12-24 Daniel AbrechtFix some job control & ctty related issues
2021-12-24 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-24 Daniel AbrechtAdd comment about unprivileged proc mounts
2021-12-23 Daniel AbrechtSome bugfixes. Allow building multiple packages at...
2021-12-23 Daniel AbrechtRemove some no longer needed stuff
2021-12-23 Daniel AbrechtSome refactoring. Improved chroot jail. Package builds...
2021-12-17 Daniel AbrechtBugfix: ppp: need too fix up firmware after installing it
2021-12-17 Daniel AbrechtRemove some accidentally commited binaries
2021-12-17 Daniel AbrechtChange default debian release from bullseye to bookworm
2021-12-16 Daniel AbrechtChange default release
2021-12-16 Daniel AbrechtAdd wlan firmware config
2021-12-14 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-14 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-14 Daniel AbrechtBugfix: dparepo: Let functions use subshells to make...
2021-12-13 Daniel AbrechtWork around apt bug with empty repos
2021-12-13 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-13 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-13 Daniel AbrechtIf the image builder makes use of the repo, make sure...
2021-12-13 Daniel AbrechtIf the image builder makes use of the repo, make sure...
2021-12-13 Daniel AbrechtUse distro/release instead of distro-release in repo
2021-12-13 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-13 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-12 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-12 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-12 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-12 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-12 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-12 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-12 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-12 Daniel AbrechtBugfix
2021-12-12 Daniel AbrechtReorganize package repo & replace reprepro with a simpl...
2021-12-11 Daniel AbrechtFix some makefile related stuff
2021-12-11 Daniel AbrechtImprove documentation